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Natural & Sustainable Ingredients

We are always open and honest when it comes to our ingredients (and everything to do with Beauty Kitchen) so when we say natural, we really mean it.

My goal is always 100% natural & sustainable, every ingredient, every product. Natural has become the buzzword in the beauty world, which now means that many products are just not as natural as they seem. With latin names on the ingredients list, it’s pretty impossible for most of us to tell which ingredients are natural without an internet search for every item. At Beauty Kitchen, it’s my job to make sure every ingredient is natural and as sustainably sourced as possible, so you don’t have to learn Latin!
— Jo Chidley, Our Founder

Natural Ingredients Work

We carefully select natural ingredients that are proven to work and get real-life results.


Beauty Without the Beasts

You won’t find any synthetic fragrances, ingredients, parabens or sulfates here. Only the very best ingredients that nature has to offer.


When it comes to natural ingredients, it’s all about giving back and replenishing what we take, for the good of our planet and future generations. Packaging sustainability carries equal importance at Beauty Kitchen. That’s why we’ve launch Return • Refill • Repeat (click to find out more)