"If you’re new to DIY kits, the Beauty Kitchen’s biggest offering is a great place to get started. The huge tin comes with enough ingredients (all 100 per cent natural) to make a whole host of beauty essentials: from your own shampoo to hand lotion and lip scrub. It comes complete with a recipe booklet, oils, cocoa butter, beeswax and plenty of storage jars and labels. The recipes range from super simple (the all-over body wash simply involved mixing the body wash base with essential oil) to slightly more complicated (the super hair repair involved melting cocoa butter over simmering water, adding in lotion and then using a pipette to mix in essential oils), meaning you can work your way up from novice to expert. We loved the fragrance the essential oils gave off and the super hair repair with cocoa butter was extremely moisturising. Given the sheer amount of products, it’s great value and an excellent way to overhaul your beauty cabinet."

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