Free From Hair & Body Wash 300ml

Amazing on its own for an unfragranced free from wash that will leave even the most sensitive scalp and skin clean and nourished. Even more amazing if you add a few drops of essential oils (a little goes a long way) to create a hair and body wash as unique as you are.

- For super sensitive skin and for easy customisation with a few drops of essential oil
- Fragrance free & vegan friendly!
- So pure, its suitable for babies skin too!

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Love thisReview by SA
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This really worked wonders on my dry scalp and hair. I have tried most high end shampoos as I have struggled with dry scalp and hair for years and was amazed that this actually worked and the ingredients are all natural. Love this as it has saved my scalp. Won't be buying anything else. Highly recommend (Posted on 12/05/2018)
Great for body, not for hair (well mine)Review by maura
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I tried this when H and B had an offer recently of buy one, get one for a penny and so I did!..... Unfortunately, I found when using this on my hair (very fine, lots of it and a bit on the limp side) that it looked like it needed a really good wash afterwards and this was not a one off, tried it quite a few times on my hair with the same result. It is such a pity, as that is what I really bought it for - more so hair, rather than body. Didn't save any money really when it didn't work for me. (Posted on 21/02/2018)

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Product description


Directions: Apply liberally. Lather, rinse. Realise skin feels calm & great. Feel great.

People tested, never animal tested.

Due to 100% natural ingredients, colour and consistency may vary.

Product ingredients

Additional Information

aqua (Water), *potassium oleate, *potassium cocoate, *glycerine, **potassium citrate, **citric acid *from renewable Algae Oil **Vegetable derived

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