Top tips for a natural & sustainable beauty regime


Unlike spring cleaning of the housework variety, sprucing up your beauty regime doesn’t need to be a chore. Clean, sustainable and natural beauty is quick, easy, fun and effective.

Here are my top tips to polish up your beauty act. Start small, start big – as always, you have the choice.

How to be a clean mean beauty machine?

1. Become a label detective

The ingredient label on a bottle or jar may be printed small, but what it lists can impact BIG on both you and the environment. Watch out for Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (aka SLS) – a popular ‘bubble making’ addition to beauty products, but one which can give sensitive skin some serious grief.

Alternatives, such as glucosides, derived from sugar, work just as sweetly. Parabens meanwhile act as a preservative, but research indicates they may not be best for our bodies. Honey is just as impressive at keeping things fresh and free from bacteria.

Finally, is your toothpaste or body scrub swimming in microbeads? These teeny plastic balls head down the drain and directly into our oceans, making them an unwelcome guest for marine life. Biodegradable sugar, sea salt and coconut, on the other hand, are natural exfoliators par excellence.

2. Don’t believe the hype

Natural! Organic! Pure and raw! These are all popular buzz words in the beauty world. You’d be forgiven for believing them – surely manufacturers aren’t allowed to be economical with the truth? Actually, a product can contain as little as 1% worth of natural ingredients and still call itself natural. You see, whilst clean eaters – thanks to legal standards – can be confident that the words ‘organic’ reflect reality, beauty has no such luxury. That’s why investigating ingredients is essential. This can make stocking your bathroom with authentically clean and sustainable essentials a bit tricky, and that’s why, at Beauty Kitchen, we believe only 100% natural is good enough.

3. Pack it in

It’s not just about what’s poured inside a jar or bottle, sustainable beauty seekers expect their packaging to live up to this name. Again, check the label for all your pre-cycled, recycled, reuse, compostable & biodegradable standards. Beauty Kitchen’s packaging is often precycled i.e. we use other people’s unwanted packaging and save it from languishing in landfill.

Furthermore, planet-friendly needn’t equal plain… as you can tell from our products, we’re suckers for colourful, pretty packaging!

4. Invent your own

Welcome to the ultimate expression of sustainable beauty – whipping up your own bathroom goodies and being in control of every single ingredient whisked into them. It might sound scary, time consuming and even costly – but it’s far from it. From using oil, herbs & left overs found in your bathroom or kitchen cupboard to create a body wash, to using an old peanut butter jar to house it – recipes often take minutes to complete and are incredibly low-cost. A great way to start is our Raw Inventions Ultimate Invent Your Own Beauty Products Kit – packed full of all the ingredients, containers and accoutrements you’ll need to become a first-class inventor of delicious beauty treats.

Have fun on your journey to clean and sustainable beauty. We highly recommend it, mainly because natural beauty actually works!