Who is Beauty Kitchen

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“When I started Beauty Kitchen, my aim was simple: to make and create fun, effective and totally sustainable beauty products that our customers would love. I wanted to make a real difference and start giving something back to people and the planet.” – Our Founder, Jo Chidley

So, how did it all begin?

Beauty Kitchen began after Jo, decided that there was an opportunity to bring natural beauty products to the market that were exactly that… natural! After extensive research Jo was shocked to find that the products available on the market weren’t as natural as they appeared to be and those that were natural were expensive, a little boring and not so effective.

Jo wanted to create products that not only worked but smelt great, looked great and that didn’t cost the earth and so, Beauty Kitchen was born!

It quickly became our aim to be the leaders in the change towards a more sustainable beauty industry. Sustainability for Beauty Kitchen is about making sure that we really think about the long term environmental impact of running our business. This includes everything, from the ingredients we use, the packaging of our products and also how we produce them.

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So, how are we sustainable?

We source only sustainable and natural ingredients to create our products, which are all environmentally friendly and include 100% pure essential oils. We also use pre-cycled, recycled or recyclable packaging for everything. Even our labels are made from Rock Paper, yep that’s right, Rock Paper, which is made from waste limestone rock – paper, water and bleach free!

Our skincare products focus on hydrating and plumping the skin, giving you that natural glow we all crave, using products that are scientifically-proven to work on the skin. We have sourced only the best and use unique ingredients like Abyssinian Oil and Seahorse Plankton to achieve amazing results.


Our bath and body range include 100% pure essential oils to help nourish the skin, without the nasties that are included in other brands, plus they smell fantastic! 


Beauty Kitchen was founded to make 100% natural, effective, sustainable beauty products which people love to use and which really work, and this is what drives us in everything we do today! We want to make natural beauty available to everyone!

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