Winter Proof Your Skin with Sustainable Beauty

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Winter is coming! Here’s how you can get your skin ready for the colder months ahead with sustainable beauty products…

In Winter, we start to feel a difference in our skin - sometimes it can feel drier, tighter and overall, misses the same Summer glow you had a few months back. This is due to a number of things - our skin reacts to sudden changes in temperatures (from cosy indoor heating to ice cold morning air) and we’re not getting as much Vitamin D from sunlight at this time of year. But don’t worry! There are a few things you can do to have great skin all year round.

Read on for our ultimate Winter sustainable beauty picks…


There are some things every person must be armed with in Winter - a) reusable cup for a warm drink b) extra socks and c) moisturising lip balm. In the last year, we’ve been working on a sustainable beauty breakthrough to give you the best and most sustainable moisturising lip balm yet! introducing, Natruline - a 100% natural, petroleum jelly-free quick fix for dry lips. Packed into a handy pocket-sized tin - Natruline & Natruline Vegan is a must-have Winter staple.


Original Natruline

Seahorse Plankton+ Hydrating Duo

Our Seahorse Plankton range is made with a blend of unique marine extracts that renew and protect your skin. We often choose between the High-Definition Facial Oil and our Everlasting Radiance Moisturiser, depending on how our skin’s feeling that day, but when it comes to Winter, we double up! Why? The facial oil gets to work as the moisturiser acts as an additional barrier for nourishing protection


Seahorse Plankton+ Renew & Protect Duo

Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

When you sleep, your body naturally goes into ‘repair and recover’ mode which is why it’s such a great time to treat your skin. This luxurious balm mask is bursting with moisture-boosting Abyssinian Oil and soothing essential oils that help you to doze off into a relaxing sleep. After 8 hours of a nourishing beauty treatment, get ready to take on those cold Winter mornings with hydrated, bright and beautiful skin.


Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

Seahorse Plankton 60 Second Manicure

Our hands and feet always feel the cold most as our bodies try to keep everything around our organs nice and cosy so they can can keep working. Between this, dry skin and wearing gloves all the time, our hands often need a little more TLC in Winter. Packed full of our unique blend of marine extracts and himalayan sea salt, this super advanced scrub gives your hands a new lease of lift in just 60 seconds!


Seahorse Plankton+ 60 Second Manicure

Abyssinian Oil Handbag Beauty Balm

Abyssinian Oil is like a super-charged version of Argan Oil - incredibly hydrating, packed full of Omegas 3,6 and 9 (which work wonders for your skin) and it’s more sustainable too! This little jar is full of big possibilities and it’s something that we always carry with us, no matter the season. In Winter, it’s great for treating dry elbows, or as a lip balm, but it can also be used as an eyebrow shaper, cleanser, moisturiser or mask.

AO Handbag Beauty Balm cut out.png

Abyssinian Oil Handbag Beauty Balm

Seahorse Plankton Active Infusion Hydrating Mist

During Winter, you might feel your skin start to feel a bit tight and dry throughout the day. However, it’s not always practical to take off all your make-up and sit with a mask on in the office (although, we sometimes do that here at Beauty Kitchen HQ). If you’re on the move, this active infusion mist is the perfect pick-me-up - just apply on top of make-up for a mid-day hydration boost in just one spritz!


Seahorse Plankton+ Super Glow Active Mist


Top tip from Jo…

“Make the most of these beauty picks by taking care of your skin from the inside out! Protein makes up the buildings blocks of pretty much everything in your body - including skin - so up your intake over these Winter months. I’m no bodybuilder, but I always like to grab a protein shake first thing in the morning, to make sure I’ve hit that recommended 30 grams at breakfast.”

What are your Winter beauty must-haves?

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