What is a natural ingredient?

The Soil Association state “strict EU laws ensure any food product labelled organic meets legal standards and is independently certified by a recognised body. Unfortunately, there are no EU regulations concerning the labelling of organic or natural beauty products”.

In our view everything on this planet is naturally derived (otherwise how did it get here!) but it’s only natural if it has not been through any chemical processes and only goes through one or two natural processes, for example heating and cooling, to get to its useable ingredient form.

What is a natural product?

Natural has become the buzz word in beauty for brands to use, but sadly, it doesn’t always stand true. There is no legal certification regulation in place for natural beauty. This means that any brand can make a natural claim, no matter what ingredients the product contains. It could be as little as 1% natural. This begs the question “what is the other 99% made up of?”

At Beauty Kitchen we believe only 100% natural is good enough. 100% makes a difference.



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