100% makes a difference

Everything we do is always checked against this mantra. There are difficult decisions to make everyday about how we ensure we are doing our best to make Sustainable Beauty a reality. Whether it is packaging choices and where it comes from or which ingredient source to use everything we do 100% makes a difference.

B Corporation

We are now a fully certified B Corporation, and we are massively proud of it!

A bit like Fair Trade in the coffee industry, B Corp status ensures that companies are using business as a force of good. This means we are held to nonprofit B Lab's rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. 

If you'd like to find out more about B Corps, check out www.bcorporation.net/what-are-b-corps

Rock Paper Labels

The labels on our products are made from waste limestone rock making them carbon neutral. The paper uses no trees, water or bleach making it super sustainable.

The B’s story

An ingredient we use in many Beauty Kitchen create your own recipes and workshops is honey. It is an amazing natural preservative and moisturiser and it’s free! Well kind of… Jo, our “Flounder” is a beekeeper because the bee’s help the local eco-system.
"We only test on people and never test on animals"

The Seahorse Trust

We think Seahorses are as magical as unicorns but they are real and we love them! We donate a percentage of our products sales to The Seahorse Trust to help conserve & preserve these amazing creatures.


ZIWA Rhino Sanctuary – Uganda

A minimum of 10% of Beauty Kitchen profits are donated to Ziwa Rhino Fund. Rhinos were extinct in Uganda until 1997, when Ziwa started with 4 donated Rhinos. They have grown the Rhino population to 15 so far. Every rhino has a 24-hour armed guard to protect it from poachers and we hope our donations go just a little way to helping their project be even more successful.





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